Crochet Simple Hot Pad

Posted: March 6, 2020 by admin

Welcome to the Crochet Simple Hot Pad pattern. I use crochet for the kitchen a lot and one of my favorite things to make is hot pads. They quick to make, convenient to use, and best of all I can choose my own colors. The Simple Hot Pad is a pattern I’ve been using for years. I like to use two strands of cotton yarn because it makes it easy to place on the counter and place something hot on top of it. Please only use 100% cotton because synthetic fibers will melt and nobody wants that to happen!  I would love to see what colors you choose!

This pattern is in the Simple Kitchen E-book and all will be released as free patterns however you can find them all in one convenient PDF. Here are the patterns that are included:

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Skill Level:



One Size


4 x 4 inches = 12 hdc x 8 rows of hdc with 2 strands of yarn.


Diameter 9 inches


ch = chain  

sl st = slip stitch   

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

  • Ch 1 doesn’t count as a stitch.
  • This pattern uses 2 strands of yarn, preferably 100% cotton.



With two strands of yarn.

Round 1: Using a magic ring, ch 1, hdc 8, sl st to 1st hdc. (8 hdc)

Round 2: Ch 1, 2hdc in each stitch around. Sl st to top ch 1. (16 hdc)

Round 3: Ch 1, *hdc,  2hdc*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st to top of ch 1. (24hdc)

Round 4: Ch 1, *hdc 2, 2hdc*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st to top of ch 1. (32 hdc)

Round 5: Ch 1, *hdc 3, 2hdc*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st to top of ch 1. (40 hdc)

Round 6: Ch 1, *hdc 4, 2hdc*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st to top of ch 1. (48 hdc)

Round 7: Ch 1, *hdc 5, 2hdc*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st to top of ch 1. (56 hdc)

Round 8: Skip 1st stitch, *dc4, skip a stitch*. Repeat from * to * and sl st 1st dc. (56 dc)

Fasten off and sew in loose ends.

I hope you enjoy your Simple Hot Pad! They also make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors, family, and teachers. You can find the Simple Kitchen E-Book HERE. You can also Pin this project for later HERE!

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