Crocheted Dry/Wet Mop Covers Using Super Bulky Yarn

Posted: June 1, 2018 by admin

Reusable Mop Cover

**UPDATED 2/28/2020**

I love to reduce my carbon footprint.  One way I do is in cleaning my home, I use reusable rags, make my own cleaning solution, and make reusable mop covers. Today I am sharing with you my free crochet pattern for making Crocheted Dry/Wet Mop Covers Using Bulky Yarn. How do you reduce your carbon footprint? Let me help you get started.

I use a lot of Bernat Blanket Yarn in my projects. I end up with small balls of yarn and I love making mop covers with them. The yarn is great for scrubbing floors and washes and dries well too. I also have added Scrubby Yarn from Red Heart Yarn to my wet mop to give it a little extra cleaning power. The pattern starts with creating a rectangle and then working around the rectangle in the round to create a stretchy top. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

This pattern is in the Simple Kitchen E-book and all will be released as free patterns however you can find them all in one convenient PDF. Here are the patterns that are included:

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Skill Level:



One Size


4 x 4 inches = 10 hdc x 6.5 rows of hdc


Width of the bottom is 10 inch and the height is 4.5 inches.


ch = chain  

sl st = slip stitch   

sc = single crochet 

hdc = half double crochet 

hdc2tog = half double crochet 2 stitches together

sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together 

  • Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
  •  I recommend using bulky yarn but you could use two or three strands of cotton yarn too.
  • To make wet mop cover repeat with the dry pattern but use scrubby yarn with bulky yarn in rectangular part of the pattern.
  • Use a stitch marker at the beginning of row if you need to visually see ch 1.

Wet & Dry Mop Cover Together



With yarn and L/8.0 mm hook.

Row 1: Ch 21, hdc in 2nd stitch from hook, hdc in each stitch across. Turn work. (20 hdc)

Row 2 – 7: Ch 1, hdc in each stitch. Turn work. (20 hdc)

You now have a rectangle and will be working around the rectangle that to create top of mop cover. You will be starting by turning your work and working on the short side of the rectangle.

Row 8: Ch 1, 8 hdc evenly along short side, 20 hdc on the long side of rectangle, 8 hdc evenly along short side, and 20 hdc on long side. Sl st to top of ch 1. (56 hdc)

Row 9: Working in the round, ch 1, 6 hdc, hdc2tog, hdc2tog, 20 hdc, 6 hdc, hdc2tog, 20 hdc, sl st to top of ch 1. (54 hdc)

Row 10: Ch 1, *sc, sc, sc2tog*. Repeat * to * around and on last 2 stitches sc. Sl st to top of ch 1. (41 sc)

Row 11: Ch 1, *sc, sc, sc2tog*. Repeat * to * around and on last stitch sc. Sl st to top of ch 1. Fasten off and leave a tail to weave in. (31 sc)

Wet/Dry Reusable Mop Cover

I hope you get many, many happy cleanings using your Slip-On Mop Cover! You can find the Simple Kitchen E-Book HERE. You can also Pin this project for later HERE!

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