Front view of a crocheted plushy cactus.

Free Pattern for Crocheted Plushy Cactus Pillow

Posted: April 19, 2018 by admin

Front view of a crocheted plushy cactus.

Would you love to snuggle up to a Crocheted Plushy Cactus Pillow? Cacti and Bernat Blanket Yarn are a match made in cozy heaven. I designed and made this Plushy Cactus Pillow to go along with my Primrose a Plushy Crocheted Cactus and Crocheted Plushy Potted Cactus Pillow. I absolutely love this pillow and everything about it.  

Plushy Cacti PillowsThis is an easy and fun crochet pattern that works up fast. While adding the arms you have to take into consideration that you will need to go back and add-on the rows you started. You work up the front and back and then surface slip stitch on the front to add texture. You can knot your ends on the wrong side of the two sides so there’s no sewing in ends. You add a cute oversized flower using Crocheted Layered Flower Pattern and complete by single crocheting around.

Materials Needed: 

Bulky Weight Yarn. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in Lemon Lime, Bernat Blanket Yarn in Sand to surface stitch and Bernat Bright’s Blanket Yarn in Pixie Pink for flower.  

L Hook, I use a Clover Amour 

G Hook, I use Clover Amour to weave ends in

Poly Fill 

Tapestry Needle  


CH = Chain Stitch 

SC = Single Crochet 

DC = Double Crochet 

SL ST = Slip Stitch 

SC TOG = Single Crochet Together (Is also a Single Crochet Decrease) 


Chain 16 with Lemon Lime Yarn. 

Row 1: SC in 2nd stitch from hook, SC across. (15 SC) 

Row 2 – Row 16: CH 1, SC in each stitch across. (15 SC) 

Row 17: CH 1, SC across in each stitch, CH 10.  

Row 18: SC on 2nd stitch on your CH 10, 8 SC in remain chains, 15 SC on body and CH 10 again. (24 SC) 

Row 19: SC on 2nd stitch on your CH 10, 8 SC in remain chains, 15 SC on body, 9 SC on opposite arm with an extra SC in last CH. (34 SC) 

Row 20: CH 1, SC 33, last 2 SC. (35 SC) 

Row 21: CH 1, SC 34, last 2 SC. (36 SC) 

Row 22: CH 1, SC 35, last 2 SC. (37 SC) 

You will now only be working on one arm and main body. You will come back and complete arm.  

Row 23: CH 1, 25 SC. (26 SC) 

You will now only be working on the body and will come back to finish the other arm too.  

Row 24 – Row 28: CH 1, 15 SC. (15 SC) 

Row 29: CH 1, SC TOG, 13 SC. (14 SC) 

Row 30: CH 1, SC TOG, 12 SC. (13 SC) 

Row 31: CH 1, SC TOG, 11 SC. (12 SC) 

Row 32: CH 1, SC TOG, 10 SC. (11 SC) 

Row 33: CH 1, SC TOG, 9 SC. (10 SC) 

Row 34: CH 1, SC TOG, 8 SC. (9 SC) 

Row 35: CH 1, SC TOG, 7 SC. (8 SC) 

Fasten off with a 2-inch tail. You will have tails on your left side and now you can work left arm as it will be on your left with tails.   

Left Arm & Right Arm: 

From working body, you will have created Row 1 – 5 of arm so I will write a continuation from there. Attach in corner on top of rows you already created. You will turn the cactus over to work the right arm and repeat the same steps.  

Working Arm only and attaching by slip stitching to body of cactus when starting row.  

Row 6: Attach in corner of arm and body and SC across with 2 SC in last stitch. You should have 12 SC.  

Row 7: CH 1, 9 SC across. This will start the top part of arm. (9 SC).  

Row 8 – 11: CH 1, SC across. (9 SC) 

Row 12: CH 1, SC 7, SC TOG in last 2 stitches. (8 SC) 

Row 13: CH 1, SC 6, SC TOG in last 2 stitches. (7 SC) 

Row 14: CH 1, SC 5, SC TOG in last 2 stitches. (6 SC) 

Row 15: CH 1, SC 4, SC TOG in last 2 stitches. (5 SC) 

Row 16: CH 1, SC 3, SC TOG in last 2 stitches. (4 SC) 

You will have two cactuses crocheted. You will know the right-side of cactus is when the tails are on your left side. You will use on right side and one wrong side to assemble. Using the right side of one you will surface slip stitch your lines with Sand color. I did 3 in the middle and 2 on each arm. I also angled them at the curves but didn’t go over the edges. I knot ends on back side.  A flower on a plushy crocheted cactus.

Make a flower using my Crocheted Layered Flower Pattern, a L Hook and Bernat Blanket Yarn in Hot Pink. Leave a tail to sew your flower on. Sew Flower on.  

To assemble you’re going to SC edges of both pieces together. Front will be with surface slip stitches and piece for back will have wrong side FACING OUT so the arms line up. If you have both right faces out the arms will NOT line up. You can add fill as you go and then give a little extra stuff before your last stitches. Start on the bottom on your cactus a few stitches up from bottom. Attach Lemon Lime through both pieces and single crochet around. I like to single crochet together 3 stitches in top corners as it keeps the corners nice and tight. Slip stitch to first single crochet and using a G hook knot and pull ends in.  

Primrose, Rosie, Baby, Cacus & Potted Plushy Cactuses. Now you have a Plushy Cactus Pillow of your own! This would make an amazing gift or add the perfect touch to any room. Check out my other Crocheted Plushy Cacti Patterns: Free Pattern for Crocheted Plushy Potted Cactus PillowFree Pattern Baby a Crocheted Plushy CactusFree Pattern Primrose a Crocheted Plushy Cactus, and Free Pattern Rosie a Crocheted Plushy Cactus. Follow me and share your pictures on Instagram using hash-tag #pinkplumeriamaui. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m pinning and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.   

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