Easy Go-To Crochet Purse

Posted: September 26, 2019 by admin

Welcome to the Easy Go-To Crochet Purse Pattern! I love a fun and quick pattern that I can use in my everyday life especially if there’s some bulky yarn involved. This pattern is designed to put the fun in functionality. I made this purse in an evening while watching binge watching my favorite shows.

I used T-shirt yarn and from Knitz N Purlz. Irina over at Knitz N Purlz was kind of enough to send me this yarn to create this pattern. The quality if the yarn is amazing and I’m dreaming of projects in the huge assortments of colors she has.  I highly recommend Knitz N Purlz T-Shirt Yarn for your next project. You will need to buy handles separately and I found mine on Amazon. I found having nice handles is a deal maker to the over all look and use of this bag.

In the pattern you will be creating 2 identical shapes that will make the purse. The technique used for sewing and shaping is called boxing the bottom. You will want to make sure you’re using the right side to face out when complete. When sewing together you will have right sides together.

Below is the free pattern however if you would like a low cost PDF, ad free version you can get that on my Etsy or Ravelry.


♦ L/8.0mmHook
♦ T-shirt Yarn, Super Bulky weight #6
Purse Handles
♦ Matching Embroidery Floss for Handles

♦ LargeTapestryNeedle
♦ StitchMarkers


I used Knitz N Purlz T-shirt Yarn in Coral, 20 grams, 100 meters, 109 yards. You can use any T-shirt yarn just make sure you have the right quantity.

Skill Level:



Medium Purse


4×4 inches = 8 sc x 8 rows sc


Finished 13.5 inches length and 9 inches tall.


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

Body of Purse (Make 2):

Row 1: Ch 28, sc in the 2nd chain the from hook. Sc in the remaining 26 chains. Ch 1, turn work. (27 sc)

Row 2: Sc in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn work. (27 sc)
Row 3 – 17: Repeat row 2. Fasten off with a 20 inch tail for sewing sides together.

Bottom of Bag:

Row 1: Now flip your rectangle over so the bottom or 1st row is facing up, on the right side of rectangle attach yarn on the 4th stitch over, sc and then sc 20 across, ch 1 and turn work. (21 sc)

You will have 21 sc centered on the 27 stitches of rectangle like in the picture above.

Row 2: Sc in each stitch across. Ch 1. (21 sc)
Row 3: Sc in each stitch across and fasten off with a 20-inch tail for sewing in the bottom later


Using the top row to determine right side, your single crochet stitches will be facing the right side, place right sides together to start assembly. In order to achieve the boxed bottom, you will sew the sides together, the longest part of bottom and then squaring the corners by folding top and bottom together. I used a whip stitch with the bulky yarn. You can use the tails from when you fastened off however if you need additional pieces to sew together just cut the desired length of yarn.

Knot and/or sew loose end with a large tapestry hook. Fasten off loose ends.


My purse measured 13.5 inches; I found the center at 6.75 inches. I then put handles 7.5 inches apart using the middle of the bag as a center reference. Using a tapestry needle and 60 inches of embroidery floss, insert floss into needle and pull so it’s double stranded. Knot and leave a few inches at the end after the knot for sewing in loose end. Sew handles on. I found stitch markers and remeasuring helped keep handles even. Knot and sew in loose ends.

I hope you love your new crocheted purse and remember to tag me #pinkplumeriamaui on your creations!!

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