How to Make a Crocheted Necklace

Posted: June 7, 2018 by admin

Example of Crocheted Necklace When I first asked my mom to teach me crochet my primary reason was so I could make my own necklaces. Little did I know I would be making much more than necklaces. Making Crocheted Necklaces is super easy and fun. In this pattern for How to Make a Crocheted Necklace I will explain how basic it is to make Crocheted Necklaces. There are a few rules to apply but the colors, beads and length is totally up to you. Making your own tassels is super easy too. You will need a few simple jewelry tools and supplies but they’re affordable and super handy to have on hand to make and fix your jewelry. You can make a handful of necklaces in one night and go with a variety of clothes. I personally love more bohemian inspiration and like to add lighter colors to my necklaces.


Crocheted NecklaceThe possibilities are endless so what every you’re fashion style is you can customize to your desire. Crocheted Necklaces also make great gifts for friends or family as they’re quick to work up and they look amazing. I like to add a jump ring and lobster clasp to my necklaces. I also like to make long necklaces that I can wrap two or three times. Having a clasp is a safe way to put a necklace on and take it off.  This is not intended for babies or children. These are definitely for adults only.  Adding a tassel or charm is also a fabulous way to make you’re necklace eye catching.


Materials Needed:

Embroidery Floss

B Hook, I use Clover Amour

Thin Sewing Needle

Glass Beads, I used 6mm for this project but you can use bigger

Jewelry Jump Ring and Lobster Clasp

Jewelry Long Nose Pliers 


CH = Chain

YES, That’s the only stitch you need to know!!

Crocheted Necklace 2

With 1 skein of embroidery floss thread your needle, use a needle small enough that will pass through your beads. Thread beads onto skein of embroidery floss about 10 inches from where the floss begins. I used 86 beads to make a 21 inch necklace. It’s important to do this first as you will be chaining beads onto necklace.

Crocheted Necklace 4Leave a 4 in tail, make a slip knot and CH 2, pull 1st bead onto your existing chain and CH, CH 2, pull another bead onto existing chain and CH, CH 2, repeat this process until you have last bead on and CH 2. Leave a 4 inch tail and fasten off.

You can adjust your necklace to have more or less chains and the more beads you have the longer the necklace. Literally endless possibilities. 

Using each end of the necklace, take pliers and jump rings and a lobster clasp to make a closure. I put a jump ring on one side and use the other jump ring to secure the lobster clasp.

Make a tassel, If you’re new to making tassels, Hobbie Junkies has a genius way to make tassels with embroidery floss. Craft Basics has a good video tutorial too.

I used a jump ring and attached to top of my tassel then attached to middle of necklace. You can also add an charms using a jump ring too.

Crocheted Necklace 5What colors did you choose? I would love to see what you make. Follow me and share your pictures on Instagram using by hash-tag #pinkplumeriamaui. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m pinning and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.   

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