Lotus Dream Catcher

Posted: May 28, 2020 by admin

Welcome to the Lotus Dream Catcher! This pattern was inspired by my home and my love for mandalas. I grew up with dream catchers all around my home and I love that with crochet you can create one for your home. The Lotus Dream Catcher has a bohemian feel to it and you can choose colors that match your decor or use as many colors as you would like in it.  

Thank you to WeCrochet for sending me the Super Bulky Yarn, Tuff Puff in Snickerdoodle. The Lotus Dream Catcher is worked up in the round with increases in the chains. There’s an option for a 19-inch or 10-inch version. I found my wire wreaths on Amazon and Walmart and they were affordable. I also used my Furls Odyssey Hook for this one skein project that I completed in less than a few hours and I can’t wait to see your version of the Lotus Dream Catcher!

I hope you love this fun and quick pattern! Please share with me on social media. You can follow me on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE! Tag me @pinkplumeriamaui and use #pinkplumeriamaui. If you like this project, you can check these other free patterns: Kai Beanie, Bursts of Aloha Mug Rug, and Kelly Ear Warmer Tunisian Crochet Pattern.




Skill Level:



Extra-large and medium dream catcher


4 x 4 inches = Round 1 & 2 of pattern


19 inch or 9.8 (10) inch in Diameter


ch = chain  

hdc = half double crochet

sl st = slip stitch



  • Wreath rings work best but embroidery hoops can be used as well.
  • Pattern is written for super bulky yarn.
  • When slip stitching up chains of the previous round, I suggest slip stitching into the back bump of the chain to create a clean and hidden increase. See picture below:


Round 1: Using a magic ring, ch 1, hdc 8 into magin ring, sl st to top of 1st hdc. (8 dc)

Round 2: *Ch 5, sl st into next st*. Repeat * to * and finish with sl st into 1st sl st of 1st ch-5. (8 ch-5 loops)

Round 3: Sl st 2 into back of ch-5, sl st into ch-5, *ch 7, sl sl into next ch-5*. Repeat * to * and finish by sl st into 1st sl st of 1st ch-7. (8 ch-7 loops)

Round 4: Sl st 3 into back of ch-7, sl st into ch-7, *ch 9, sl sl into next ch-7*. Repeat * to * and finish by sl st into 1st sl st of 1st ch-9. (8 ch-9 loops)

For 9.8 inch wreath ONLY:

Round 4: Sl st 3 into back of ch-7, sl st into ch-7, *ch 9, slip chain over wire wreath, sl sl into next ch-7*. Repeat * to * and finish by sl st into 1st sl st of 1st ch-9. (8 ch-9 loops)

Round 5: Sl st 4 into the back of ch-9, sl st into ch-9, *ch 11, sl sl into next ch-9*. Repeat * to * and finish by sl st into 1st sl st of 1st ch-11. (8 ch-11 loops)



I used 12 16-inch pieces for 9.8-inch dream catcher and 17 27-inch pieces for 19-inch dream catcher.

1. Fold yarn in have and pull under the wreath.

2. Pull ends of the yarn through the loop.

3. Pull snug.

You can also use ribbon and lace. to hang up dream catcher cut a small piece of yarn and knot on top.

Sew in your loose ends on the back and your Lotus Dream Catcher is ready! You can use this pattern for gifts or sell finished items.

You can find a FREE PDF version HERE You can also Pin it for later HERE!

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