Side Step Knitted Beanie

Posted: February 28, 2020

Welcome to the Side Step Knitted Beanie pattern. I love knitting beanies and knitting beanies with texture makes my love for knitting deepen. I purchased this beautiful hand-dyed yarn from…

Easy Seeded Knit Pumpkin

Posted: September 18, 2019

Welcome to the Easy Seeded Knit Pumpkin pattern. Tis the season for PUMPKINS! I love all the pumpkin feels, tastes and smells. I even love a good pumpkin spice cold brew! As the days start to get shorter and cooler I feel

Everyday Knit Bag

Posted: August 11, 2019

What’s better than a store bought bag? A knitted one! When I learned to knit one of the items I wanted to make was a bag. You don’t see too many knitted bags and so I wanted to design one that would be fun and easy to make for any level of knitter.

Marshmallow Beanie

Posted: June 22, 2019

Welcome to the Marshmallow Beanie! This super soft and fluffy knitted beanie was inspired that yarn that it was made with. I was so excited over the holidays in December to be able to grab some of The Wool from We Are Knitters. I had drooled over the pictures I had seen on Instagram for months. Their most popular color way