X-Large Crocheted Donut Pillow

Posted: May 6, 2018 by admin

XL Crocheted Donut PillowDo you love donuts? Who doesn’t love donuts? Welcome to my free crocheted pattern for X-Large Crocheted Donut Pillow. So this pillow is AMAZING! I used Bernat Blanket Yarn to create this soft and fun pillow. It’s works up pretty fast, definitely a weekend project that everyone in your house will love. It looks amazing on the couch or on a bed. It will definitely be conversation piece.

XL Crocheted Donut Pillow PinkFor the X-Large Crocheted Donut Pillow you create a top and bottom, add a swirl or sprinkles and single crochet together. You can choose from a variety of colors for top and bottom I used Bernat Blanket Yarn in Mink which is only sold through Joann but you can also use Taupe or Sand to get similar look. I had hard time deciding on a color for the top as I debated between Bernat Brights Blanket Yarn in Pixie Pink or Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in Lilac. In the end I chose Pixie Pink and used Sea Foam for my swirl. Read the pattern through and have fun making your X-Large Crocheted Donut Pillow.

Materials Needed: 

Super Bulky Weight Yarn. 1 Skein Bernat Blanket Yarn in Sand, Mink or Taupe. 1 Skein Bernat Bright’s Blanket Yarn in Pixie Pink and Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in Seafoam for Swirl 

L Hook, I use a Clover Amour 

G Hook, I use Clover Amour to weave ends in

Poly Fill 

Tapestry Needle  

Stitch Marker



CH = Chain Stitch 

SC = Single Crochet 

SL ST = Slip Stitch 

DIMENSION OF FINAL DONUT is 18 inched wide and 7 inches tall. Mine weighs 3.5 pounds. 


With Yarn and L Hook, CH 48, SL ST together with out twisting your chain.

Row 1: SC in each stitch around, mark end of row with stitch marker. (48)

Row 2: SC, 2 SC, repeat all around. ( 72)

Row 3 – 4:  SC in each stitch around. (72)

Row 5: SC, SC, 2 SC, repeat around. (96)

Row 6 – 7:  SC in each stitch around. (96)

Row 8: SC, SC, SC, 2 SC all the way around. (120)

Row 9 – 22: SC all the way around. (120)

Back XL Crocheted Donut PillowFOR BOTTOM, Row 23: SC all the way around SL ST and fasten off a tail to weave in.

FOR TOP,  Don’t fasten off, add frosting swirls then you will SC top and bottom together.

Swirls or Sprinkles:

Surface SL ST swirls in desired pattern. I totally did my swirl as I went but I used the surface area to guess where pillow would curve. You can also make sprinkles by CH 6, SC in 2 stitch, SC in next 4 stitches, fasten off and weave on. The possibilities are up to your desires and imagination.


Side XL Crocheted Donut PillowLaying wrong sides facing together and using yarn from top piece SC around. At 1/2 way start filling with polyfill, then 3/4 add some more and right before done finish with a little extra fill. SL ST and fasten off with a tail to weave in. Weave in on the underside in the final SC row to hide your work.

Now step back and drool over your amazing X-Large Donut Pillow!!!

Now that you have a X-Large Donut Pillow of  your own what will you do with it? This would make an amazing gift or add the perfect touch to any room. Please share your pictures with me on Instagram by hash-tagging me #pinkplumeriamaui. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m pinning and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.  

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